Lynda Kusuma has spent most of her life exploring and studying the natural environment. The incredible patterns, lines, shapes, and textures defining our environment have become a primary basis for her Biomimicry series, drawing attention to parallels between natural and man-made objects. Her intaglio prints highlight less obvious relationships into a seamless composition to force a visual comparison. Each piece tells a story using various perspectives from microscopic to the panoramic. Kusuma received a BFA in Design from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1986 and worked as a design consultant for several years before returning to school to become certified to teach young children. After several years of teaching she once again returned to school to follow her interest in horticultural science and the arts, which led to working towards a MFA in printmaking from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Her work has been exhibited locally at the Orlando Museum of Art, Sobo Gallery, and Sanford Historic Center. She had also shown at many print and paper art shows. She currently runs a printmaking studio in Florida.

© Lynda Kusuma 2017

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